The fastest way to


We offer you a platform functioning as a bridge between governments and citizens, making customer service, data collection, analysis, workflow routing, task prioritization, problem resolution, and communication both faster and easier

Information provided by the citizens


Community-submitted reports (including pictures and GPS data) are are routed directly to the person/department responsible for the solution, decreasing emergency response times are and saving resources.

Faster decisions


Ctzen guides the public official on what course of action to take and when, to maximize positive impact. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze all incidents occurring in real-time. We use data such as pictures, video, citizen information, upcoming road works, location and severity of incidents to decide the appropriate form of action.

Intelligent maps


We add real-time location and data provided by citizens onto maps, allowing governments to make the most informed, data driven decisions. We offer density maps, heat maps, story maps, optimal routes and more, to deploy government resources efficiently.

Designed for all


Our intuitive product lets public officials be immediately productive. Ctzen's design adapts to the needs of every agent, and reduces the time used to understand and analyze information. Focus on what matters most.

Smart distribution in the field


Our mobile applications help governments manage their public officials in the field. Our system integrates all officials, such as police officers, traffic agents, and ambulances. We measure workforce presence and distribution, to optimize how agents are organized within a territory. Authorities can offer the best services to their citizens and be best prepared for an emergency anywhere in the region

Tailored to your needs


Our platform adapts to suit governments of different sizes, structures and budgets. Our clients range from a small local authority in Ireland, to larger cities like L.A. and Boston; each has a solution customised to suit their unique organizational needs. We will work to integrate your existing systems and deliver on your specific priorities.

We believe in participatory democracy because


Our citizen participation module allows government agencies to receive live feedback 24/7. We offer a free mobile application for all citizens. In this mobile application, citizens can report incidents and follow-up reports in real-time, allowing officials to take the most effective course of action. We capture the accuracy and frequency of data reported by the citizens to optimize governmental workflow, reduce emergency response times, and improve overall productivity.

One way or the other


  • Smarter and transparent governments
  • Know and understand your citizens
  • Reduce the costs of attention
  • Fast and appropriate attention. Real-time information.
  • Innovation. Latest technology platform
  • Citizen participation. Inclusive government